Decorative Concrete Products Kansas City

Decorative Concrete Products Kansas City, Missouri

Will’s Concrete Concepts Design & Supply is the premier decorative, restoration and precast concrete material supply store serving the greater Kansas City area. We offer a wide variety of Decorative Concrete Overlays,Concrete Countertop supplies, Lightweight Concrete mixes, Vertical Concrete Coatings, Eco-Friendly Concrete Stains, Low VOC Sealers and much more.

Concrete Color Additive5

Add color to your concrete with these products. Wills Concrete Supply of Kansas City offers color additive for fresh concrete and stamped overlay powder release. Add color to your cast concrete products like concrete countertops or wall panels as well.

Colored Concrete Floor Sealers9

With hundreds of costume color choices, it has never been easier to color your concrete with the color you want. Wills Concrete Supply of Kansas City stocks colored indoor and outdoor concrete coatings including, Colored, Acrylic Sealers, Pigmented Polyurethanes, and Polyaspartic Floor Coatings available for pickup or delivery today.

Metallic and Flake Products2

Whether you are looking to create a 3-D looking floor for an interior living space or to clean up your garage floor by using epoxy Flake system, wills concrete of Kansas City has the products you need in stock for you to complete your project. These products can be used for both industrial and residential applications. As always contractor discounts available.

Clear Concrete Sealers and Coatings18

Protecting your concrete surface is key for a good look and longevity. We stock both interior and exterior sealers including acrylic sealers, epoxy floor coatings. High-performance polyurethane floor coatings as well as peer and seals and floor waxes. Kansas City weather can be tough, protect your concrete today!

Concrete Semi-Transparent Stains3

Are you using reactive acid, dyes or water based acrylic stains on your concrete overlays and/or concrete slab projects in Kansas City? We have a solution that brings control of color, speed of application and more importantly quality control and longevity of color to every project. Eco-Stain is a water based penetrating concrete stain that is UV-Stable and has over 29 colors to choose from. This product does not use acrylics or polymers which can be bond breakers to coatings that go over the top of it, such as sealers.

Concrete Surface Preparation15

We carry a complete line of concrete surface preparation including cleaning, moisture barriers, glue removers, concrete repair and patching products. The first step to any concrete restoration is surface prep. We have the products in stock for all of your surface preparation needs.

Concrete Overlay Products9

Wills concrete products of Kansas City stocks a complete line of decorative concrete overlay mixes both horizontal and vertical applications. All products are single component and can have color added for desired look. These products are designed to make old concrete look new again for a fraction of the cost of fresh concrete.

Concrete Casting Products15

We offer the latest in concrete countertop bag mixes, formulas, 10 foot edge details, fiberglass sink molds and more. Included in the supplies we offer is the Xtreme Series Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete formula. Xtreme Series GFRC is the only pre-blended fiber and cement sprayable high early strength bag mix on the market. If you're looking to create concrete countertop, wills concrete supply has everything in stock and ready for pickup.

We can teach your company how to use:

LD1800 a Lithium densifier. It is used to hibernate future concrete spalling and strengthen the cream coat of the concrete slab.

Choose a concrete patching material, like Flash Patch, which has a high compressive strength, to complement your choice of crack treatment products and repair any damaged concrete surface.

SureBroom – A thin concrete overlay designed to create a 6,000 PSI newly broomed finish for concrete sidewalks, driveways, walkways and parking garages. SureBroom is formulated to handle the intense UV, freeze thaw and temperature swings, typically seen in the greater Kansas City market.


Kansas City Pool Deck Resurfacing

Are you a homeowner, contractor or commercial property owner in Kansas City who has a: hotel, town home, condo or commercial building? Are you constantly dealing with maintaining your concrete pool deck or concrete patio. Traffic patterns cause wear and tear over time and your concrete surface loses its luster. The staff at Will’s Concrete Concepts Design & Supply can help you revitalize that surface through concrete overlays, concrete sealers and concrete stains. Each system delivers a long term slip resistant solution!

Concrete Repair
is an environmentally friendly single component concrete overlay, which you can spray or trowel over your existing concrete surface. SureTex provides a longest lasting, non slip and decorative concrete coating to your worn or old pool deck and patio area. A perfect choice for residential or commercial concrete floors in all of Kansas and Missouri including the commercial traffic in Kansas City.

The HS Series Concrete Sealer provides the needed protection against stains, water damage and will waterproof your concrete pool deck surface.

SCR (Super Concrete Renovator) is the best concrete cleaning and profiling solution in the market. Let your hotel or resort maintenance crews see the benefits of being able to use one product to do all of your concrete surfaces and remove eye sores like; Lime Deposits, Mortar Residue, Scale, Rust, Algae, Stains and Mineral Deposits.