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Concrete Bonding Product - Kansas City Missouri

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SurePrime – Concrete Bonding Agent

SureCrete’s SurePrime is a 28% solids concrete bonding agent copolymer emulsion (vinyl acetate ethylene or VAE) designed for use in combination with cement based overlays as a bonding agent. SurePrime offers advantages when placing an overlay to its intended substrate: Improved Adhesion, Reduced Permeability, Increased Abrasion Resistance, Improved Flexural Strength, Improved Tensile Strength, Enhanced Freeze/Thaw Durability

Surecrete Sure Prime Specs
Coverage – Varies on substrate – 150-200 sqft/gallon/coat
VOC Rating – 0 g/L
Shelf Life – 6 months in original unopened container
Solids Content – 28%
Viscosity – 1200 cps
pH – 5.8
Density – 8.7 lbs/gal (1,044 g/L)
Mechanical Stability – Excellent
Water Resistance – Good
Film Clarity – Hazy
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