Concrete Countertop Edge Profiles

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Decorative Edge Details for Concrete Casting Edge Profiles

SureCrete’s counter top edge profiles are available in 50′ rolls and also custom lengths at many of our distribution locations around the world. These edge profiles, made from extruded PVC, offer a more cost-effective solution for one-off pours. Offered in 10 foot lengths allows for seamless pieces, resulting in less tooling time. Edge Molds are the easiest and most cost-effective way to form a decorative edge profile on concrete countertops, furniture and other concrete and GFRC projects. Use these Chamfer, Eased Square, Ogee and Bullnose pieces to create detailed edge designs with all concrete counter top mix and GFRC mixes, either precast or cast in place.

Surecrete XS Edge Profile Specs
Material Type – Extruded PVC
Detail Height – 1-1/2″
Roll Length – 50′
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