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Surecrete EcoPrime – Concrete Primer

SureCrete’s Eco-Prime concrete primer was created for substrates that are excessively porous. Particularly concrete that was finished poorly (not closed with a steel trowel), broomed, or very old concrete may absorb Eco-Stain so deeply that little color, if any, is visible. Eco-Prime reduces the porosity allowing the color to reach full development. Eco-Prime is clear and will leave no color when dry. Eco-Prime may be used across an entire project if excessive porosity is apparent. It may also be used on just those isolated areas that are open.

Surecrete Eco-Prime Specs
Coverage – Varies on substrate – 200-300 sqft/gallon/coat
VOC Rating – 0 g/L
Shelf Life – 1 year in original unopened container
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