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Concrete Water Proofing Product Product - Kansas City Missouri

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Elasto-Shield – Concrete Water-Proofing Membrane Elastomeric Liquid

SureCrete’s Elasto-Shield is a ready-to-use concrete waterproofing and crack prevention elastomeric liquid membrane that provides water-proofing for all SureCrete cement-based coatings systems. No catalyst or solvents are part of this water borne system. No special safety equipment or respirators are required (unless sprayed). The lack of a catalyst eliminates pot-life problems. The single component formulation may be applied by brush, roller, or airless sprayer to many construction substrates.

Now available a waterproofing membrane that can be used on walls and floors prior to concrete overlays. Easy to use single component rolls on like paint. In stock.

Surecrete Elasto-Shield Specs
Coverage – Up to 750 sqft per pail @ 2 coats or 16 mils wet VOC Rating – 0 g/L Shelf Life – 1 year in original unopened container Adhesion – Cement Board – substrate fails; Plywood – substrate fails; Polystyrene – substrate fails; Thin-Set – 395 PSI Elongation – ASTM D-638: 7 day dry – 580%; 21 day wet – 657% Permeability – ASTM E-96: 0.013 Tensile – ASTM E-96: 7 day dry – 335 PSI; 21 day wet – 562 PSI
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