High Gloss Concrete Polyurethane

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High Gloss Concrete Polyurethane Sealer DuraKote Polyurethane SB

Dura-Kote Polyurethane SB is a 2 component 51% solids, acrylic aliphatic polyurethane designed as a non-yellowing clear coating for interior concrete, cement based overlays, or as a top finish coat on epoxy systems. The high performance clear top coat generates the premier balance of strength, added UV stability, flexibility, chemical and scratch resistance that is both user-friendly and extremely durable. As a vertical wall coating, it enhances anti-graffiti properties. Dura-Kote Polyurethane SB is ideally suited for both commercial and residential settings: aircraft hangars, clean room floors, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, bars, clubs, retail stores, automotive showrooms, residential interiors, garage floors, stadiums, or any high traffic area where an exceedingly resilient floor is desired.

A 51% solids (by volume), glossy, acrylic aliphatic polyurethane for vertical or horizontal concrete surfaces. This product is a two component catalyzed system and is. A great choice for interior concrete overlays. Due to the higher solids than a traditional concrete sealer Urethane’s will help protect the look and minimize maintenance

Surecrete DuraKote Polyurethane SB Specs
Coverage – Approximately 300-400 square feet per gallon, per coat (varies widely based on substrate porosity and application methods)
VOC Rating – less than 435 g/L
Solids Content – 51%
Pot Life – approximately 60 minutes
Shelf Life – 1 year in original unopened container
Ready for re-coat – 6-8 hours (18+ hours at low temperatures)
Light Duty Use – 24 hours (Up to 48 hours at low temperatures)
Heavy Traffic Ready – 3 days (Up to 5 days at low temperatures)
Full Cure – 5-7 days (Up to 14 days at low temperatures)
Appearance (cured) – Clear Gloss
Appearance (wet) – Clear
Water Resistance – Excellent, beads water
Mechanical Stability – Excellent
Light Stability – Excellent
Mechanical Properties – Direct Impact – 30 inch/pounds; Reverse Impact – 6 inch/pounds
Hardness – Pencil 4H, Konig 100
Diluent – Hydrocarbons
Odor – Solvent
Application Temperature – 50 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit
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