Light Concrete Sculpture Mix

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XS Lightweight Plus 3 – Ultra Light Concrete Sculpture Mix

XS ultra light concrete mix is a dual component lightweight bag mix able to create cast pieces that can replace heavy, bulky precast concrete architectural elements. XS Lightweight Plus 3 greatly reduces the materials and labor required to construct traditional architectural detailing and panels. Thinner precast pieces are routine and quicker production times are accomplished. With a wide range of textures and color selection, design considerations are nearly limitless. XS Lightweight Plus 3 provides a durable precast element for a pleasing architectural detail with the lightest achievable weight.

Surecrete XS Lightweight Plus 3
Coverage  –  35 lb bag – approx. 14.2 sqft @ 1/2″ or roughly 0.59 cuft.

VOC Rating  –  0 g/L
Shelf Life  –  1 Year in original unopened container
Mixing Ratio  –  1 gal XS Lightweight Plus Modifier, 32 oz water ro 50 lb XS Lightweight Plus 3 (up to 32 oz add’l water)
Density  –  59 lbs/cuft
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